CeresNexus LLC
428 Brendon Court
Castle Rock, CO 80108
United States
Phone: 303-594-1838
Email: [email protected]
Url: http://CeresNexus.com

We Rescue From:
Run Logistics for Others to Rescue

We Donate To:
Food Bank, Food Pantry, Community Dining Room, Shelter, Faith-based Organization, Low-income or Transitional Housing, Farms (for animal feed), Other Non-profits, Value-added Products (for resale)


Type of Food(s) Rescued:
Fresh Fruit, Frozen Fruit, Prepared Fruit (hot or cold), Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Meat

Food Donation Requirements:
Must have nutritional information label, Must be in original packaging, Must be sealed, Donors must have food handling/safety certification

Additional Information:

In connecting buyers, brokers, processors, transportation and storage companies there is always waste and unsellable product. We aim to connect each link in the food chain, wherein certifiable food can be lost, with the charitable organizations globally.