Other Resources

Waste-Free Ventura County

Hungry Harvest (South Florida)

Hungry Harvest is a farm-to-doorstep rescued produce delivery company on a mission to end food waste and hunger. We work with farmers and wholesalers to rescue fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go uneaten and curate produce variety boxes. We … Continue reading

SBC Food Rescue

Community Hunger Solutions

Predominately organic certified locally grown fruit and vegetables procured and distributed. Have had Nutrition Nutrition Educator on our staff most seasons, doing cooking recipe demos at our distribution points.

Town of New Paltz ReUse and Recycling Center

We are part of the EPA zero-waste initiative and have adopted a zero-waste action plan. In following the EPA food hierarchy, we encourage consumer modification, food for human consumption, food for animal consumption, then composting. We operate a registered composting … Continue reading

AWOL Food Recovery Network

We are a chapter of the Food Recovery Network.

Waste Not SD

Specialty Produce is a produce distribution company working with 1,000 restaurants all over San Diego. Waste Not SD is a program within our company to collect surplus prepared food from our participating accounts. We also divert “ugly” and expired produce … Continue reading